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Carelumina provides something for everyone. With innovative and evolutionary products and services we’re transforming lives using a unique approach to healthcare, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. Whether you want to become a customer, take advantage of the great discounts as an Affiliate or build your own Independent Business, Carelumina can help.


With Carelumina you have an opportunity to create a successful business that can meet your financial and life plans. You work on your own time and as much or as little as you want. You are in charge but you are not alone. The Carelumina community is here to help you grow and expand your new business. Lets get started.





Brand Ambassadors buy Carelumina products at discounted prices, receive commissions on product sales, receive monthly residual override commissions and participate in companywide bonus programs.
Why do all Carelumina Brand Ambassadors receive TELEHEALTH?

No Appointments

No long waiting room visits, simply call toll free or log in to see your doctor immediately.


Open 24/7

U.S. Board Certified providers are available around the clock (24/7).


Access Anywhere

Access a provider anywhere, anytime using any internet connected device or our easy to use mobile app.


Secure & Safe

Your data is always secure and safe using our HIPAA Compliant EMR platform.






WAYS TO #getilluminated
Retail Commission
Earn up to 50% of commissionable value on customer purchases and your own product purchases.
$4,100 Customer & Training Bonus
Earn Fast Start Bonsues, with our 30 and 90 day bonus plans.  
Monthly Leadership Bonus
Up to $5,000 in qualified monthly leadership bonuses. 
Earn Residual Income
Build a profitable business with Carelumina Independent Business Ownership and the building of monthly income can be a very rewarding opportunity.
Customer Acquisition Bonus
Are you a customer getter? Earn tremendous commissions and extra bonuses while building your retail customer base.
3/9 Matrix System
Earn 9 levels of compensation with our unique 3/9 Dynamic Matrix plan.   
Override Commission
Sponsor new Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors and receive top commissionable value overrides.
Company Trips
Qualify for great world-wide motivational company trips and conferences.
Discount Product Purchases
Buy Carelumina products and services at the preferred discounted rate. 



We provide training, tools, and motivation to all Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors!
Carelumina Kit
Your Starter Kit walks you through the entire Carelumina experience, from product reviews to rewards and bonuses.
Support & Training
Carelumina training provides ongoing support and never-ending expansion opportunities. Because the best way to succeed is to succeed together.
Mentorship Program
Our mentor program provides direct access to industry executives and allows you to work directly with other top Business Owners.



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